Life in Ashtabula County, Ohio

Q: Where is Ashtabula County located?
Located in the northeast corner of the state, Ashtabula County is the largest county in Ohio. It is situated on the shores of Lake Erie, bordering the state of Pennsylvania, and north of Cleveland, Ohio. The county is a recipient of lake effect snow during the winter.

Q: What is special about Ashtabula County?
The harbor and city of Ashtabula, named for an Indian word meaning river of many fish, is a major port located along the Ashtabula River and Lake Erie. The city was an important part of the Underground Railroad, providing shelter to slaves and  boats to take them to Canada.

Q: What neighborhoods are in Ashtabula County?
The city of Conneaut is famous for the abundance of steelhead trout found in Conneaut Creek.  The city of Geneva is home to the annual The Grape Jamboree, and Ashtabula city is host to the Blessing of the Fleet Celebration. Edgewood,  Andover, Jefferson,Orwell and Roaming Shores are also located in Ashtabula County.

Q: What is there to do in Ashtabula County?
Ashtabula County is famous for its large number of new and historic covered bridges.  Tourists are encouraged to visit the county’s covered bridges using self-guided driving tours. Almost all of the preserved and restored historic bridges in Ashtabula County are in use and driveable.

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